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    The Progressive Way Forward For America

    Greetings to the Hall, Look at what we have here, the US Government is down and out in Beverly Hills. Mind you the Hall is not shocked that the US Government is shut down, it is politics that we have discussed in the past under “The War in America” series written more than a decade ago. This current government filled with republicans and democrats have failed at supporting the American people by simply doing their job. Nevertheless we need a way forward and we are stuck with Democrats that have no ability to fight for anything. To Progressives This Is […]

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    The Five Years Of Nothing

    Greetings to the Hall,   Welcome to the five years of nothing. Five years, in which 2/3rds of our governmental system failed the nation of the United States of America. Five years 2/3rds of our government stood idle and honored nothing that America stands for. For the politician class in the United States, does it not bother you that you have failed this nation. You have done nothing to make this nation stronger, to provide a vision as to what this nation can accomplish, to show how this nation is going to become in the next 100 years. You have offered the […]

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    The Price of Being a Patriot

    Greetings to the Hall, It is never easy being a real patriot. Today, Bradley Manning is a patriot, that is going to pay a price of spending more time in prison, than the criminals he released the information on. What this trial has done, is shown a flaw in the system of government that the American citizens live under. As I have said before, Americans live and are ruled by The Surveillance States of America and this is something we have done to ourselves. We allowed happily, waving the red, white, and blue, as the Patriot Act was passed into […]

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    The Empire Of The SSA

    Greetings to the hall, The Empire of the Surveillance States of America is moving forward. From the Emperor President Nero, The Empire of the SSA is not spying on its own lawful citizens. President Nero has also canceled a meeting with President Putin of Russia because of the Snowden incident. No nation on this planet should view The SSA as The USA. The United States of America as a functioning government no longer exists. The Surveillance States of America is now the functioning government and it does not represent the American people. The Surveillance States of America only honors those who […]

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    The Day That Could Have Been

    Greetings to the Hall, Today was a missed opportunity by the administration of President Nero. Instead of warmongering which is what President Nero likes to do these days, his administration missed a grand opportunity to bring peace. Today was the inauguration of the new moderate President of Iran, Hassan Rouhani. Just think of what could have happened today, the west including the United States of America could have been in attendance of the rise of the new moderate leader of Iran. Which would have sent a message to the people of Iran who wants peace, who wants to be part of […]

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