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    The Road To Syria – The Opposition

    Greetings to the Hall, As the war drums beat and congress moves forward with the debate of a war with Syria, an opposition has stood up. At RedWolf’s Hall, we will provide all information openly, if you are for war or not. RedWolf’s Hall has gone out of it’s way to provide The Surveillance States of America point of view, openly, with their own links and videos. In the same way RedWolf’s Hall will provide information for the opposition. We will always support free speech, until we no longer have free speech. Below are videos from the opposition, or you […]

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    The Math To Syria Is 1 + 1 = 1

    Greetings to the Hall, The Surveillance States of America has continued to make it’s case for a military strike on Syria. Currently the SSA is have a slight numbers issues, at the moment, 1 + 1 = 1. For those who are not George Orwell savvy, the state determines what the math answer will be. Well for the SSA, that calculation means that the SSA must go it alone for military action against Syria. As of right now, NATO, UK, and France are a no go. Below is the full video from The State Department as John Kerry puts forth […]

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    The Way To Syria

    Greetings to the Hall, The Surveillance States of America has an all new target in the cross hairs and it is Syria. Do not get me wrong, in the Syrian war, you will find no good guys, just varying degrees of bad. You have atrocities on all sides and even on sides that are not officially in the Syrian Civil War. The Surveillance States of America insists that the Assad regime used chemical weapons. I will be perfectly honest, the only thing I believe is the number of people killed and harmed, pass that, Everyone is lying, they are all […]

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    The Price of Being a Patriot

    Greetings to the Hall, It is never easy being a real patriot. Today, Bradley Manning is a patriot, that is going to pay a price of spending more time in prison, than the criminals he released the information on. What this trial has done, is shown a flaw in the system of government that the American citizens live under. As I have said before, Americans live and are ruled by The Surveillance States of America and this is something we have done to ourselves. We allowed happily, waving the red, white, and blue, as the Patriot Act was passed into […]

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