The Nero Address, To The Empire

August 31, 2013 RedWolf 0

Greetings to the Hall, Nero today gave an address concerning military action against Syria. Below is the full video: President Nero Stated the Following: We cannot raise our children in a world where we will […]


The Empire Of The SSA

August 9, 2013 RedWolf 0

Greetings to the hall, The Empire of the Surveillance States of America is moving forward. From the Emperor President Nero, The Empire of the SSA is not spying on its own lawful citizens. President Nero […]


The Day That Could Have Been

August 5, 2013 RedWolf 0

Greetings to the Hall, Today was a missed opportunity by the administration of President Nero. Instead of warmongering which is what President Nero likes to do these days, his administration missed a grand opportunity to […]