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    Something Is Just Not Right & You Know It.

    It has been a while since I was in the mood to write something regarding Heathenism. This has been well overdue and it has to be said out loud. As a heathen, I know something is not right within the society that we live in. I am not telling you that the problem is heathen in nature. In our Heathen lives, we are not always our own biggest problem. This society is in crisis, it is at a crossroad and it is a crap shoot how it is going to turn out for anyone, nevermind just us heathens.  Right now, […]

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    How Do You Define Yourself – Heathen Leadership

    Greetings to the Hall, My brothers and sisters, how do you define yourself? Do you simply look at yourself as a lost soul out of time or do you view yourself as a continuation of what our people are? Please watch this wonderful video made by Tragedy and Hope concerning the words of Alan Watts, and what I have to say about our people moving forward. Although the philosophies within the video above, are not completely ours, the words within it, do right of truth. We are heathens and we are a continuation of everything that our people are. Our people simply […]

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    It Starts Now – Heathenism

    Greetings to the Hall, I have a great video that the heathen community should watch and learn from. The video was created by Tragedy and Hope and is from the philosopher Alan Watts. Here are just so thoughts that the Heathen community may want to think about. Our collective people, the entire Germanic Tribes, once ruled the known world. Our collective people created laws that the majority of Western Nations use today. Our collective people were adventurers and explorers. Our collective people, in most instances, found a way to be the most technologically advanced people of their time. If everything written […]

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    Stand Up And Be Counted

    Greetings To The Hall, Standing back and watching chaos win the day, will brings you no Honor. Joining the side of the corrupt because they have all the power, will bring you no Honor. For Good, or for ill Stand up to the chaos. Stand up to the corrupt, even when they run and own everything. Be the barbarian at the gate. Be that person, that the chaos and the corrupt fear. Be that person, who has the target painted right on their chest. Be that person, who will not be afraid. Be that person, who will not back down. Be […]

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