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    Stand Up And Be Counted

    Greetings To The Hall, Standing back and watching chaos win the day, will brings you no Honor. Joining the side of the corrupt because they have all the power, will bring you no Honor. For Good, or for ill Stand up to the chaos. Stand up to the corrupt, even when they run and own everything. Be the barbarian at the gate. Be that person, that the chaos and the corrupt fear. Be that person, who has the target painted right on their chest. Be that person, who will not be afraid. Be that person, who will not back down. Be […]

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    The Five Years Of Nothing

    Greetings to the Hall,   Welcome to the five years of nothing. Five years, in which 2/3rds of our governmental system failed the nation of the United States of America. Five years 2/3rds of our government stood idle and honored nothing that America stands for. For the politician class in the United States, does it not bother you that you have failed this nation. You have done nothing to make this nation stronger, to provide a vision as to what this nation can accomplish, to show how this nation is going to become in the next 100 years. You have offered the […]

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    21st Century Foreign Policy Agenda For Western Nations

    The current policy of forcing Islamist Nations to embrace Western thought has failed epically. Nation after nation, trillions of dollars, many thousands of lives and the Islamist world does not want to join Western Civilization and that simple fact needs to be respected and enforced.   How many times are we going to bring Islamist Nations freedom for each and every one of these Nations vote for the most bizarre and socially bankrupt individuals in their own Islamist society. The Palestine had a free and clear election and voted for an Islamist society. Egypt had a free and clear election […]

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    The Kissinger Files

    Greetings to the Hall, Wikileaks released searchable documents from the Kissinger years. Here is a nice video by Russia Today, the shocker or I simply was not paying attention, is that the USA installed Augusto Pinochet to lead Chile. Not to mention the number of death squads used throughout the world. Looks like the good ole days, may not have been the good ole days.  

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