The Devil Was Right About The Bombing

Greetings to the Hall,

What I have come to detest over the past week is finding out some of the information on the who, when, where and why of the bombings.

It annoys me that these two brothers got the materials for the bombs out of a fireworks store in Seabrook New Hampshire. Then to top it all of the store set them up with a 2 for 1 special.

I am annoyed with the conspiracy theories with the bombings as well. The bombs went off, people died and others were seriously hurt and will have to live with their injuries for the rest of their lives. Trying to use the conspiracies to enhance your own political or financial agenda sickens me. Have respect for those who have fallen and for those who were hurt.

Then you have reports that Russia tried once and maybe even twice to warn the United States about the older brother and pretty much all the FBI and CIA did is kick the tires. Why can we not work with other nations when they provide us their own intelligence. Why does America always have to be in the position that we are always right and the rest of the world is wrong. The Russians tried to help us, as per usual, like in Afghanistan, we made a decision not to listen. Do you think in the future, we can at the very least listen for a change. Who knows maybe the devil can be right every once and a while.

Putin telling the truth on Russia Today:


  1. Mike, I read that this (It annoys me that these two brothers got the materials for the bombs out of a fireworks store in Seabrook New Hampshire.) was an idea that investigators were interested in exploring but have since ruled out.

    Also, Russia contacted us to say they thought the guy was a threat to Russia because of his associates. The FBI interviewed him 3 times and his parents. He was investigated and found to not be doing anything illegal here. So the Feds did listen to Russia.

    • The Seabrook NH thing is true. They had a store clerk or manager cannot remember on local tv.

      Like I said they kicked the tires, I never said that the FBI / CIA did nothing. Sometimes you need to do more than kick the tires because their where all kinds of warning signs. Especially look at some of the comments coming from the Mosque he attended.

      Still, thank you for reading the page and leaving a comment

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