Something Is Just Not Right & You Know It.

    It has been a while since I was in the mood to write something regarding Heathenism. This has been well overdue and it has to be said out loud. As a heathen, I know something is not right within the society that we live in. I am not telling you that the problem is heathen in nature. In our Heathen lives, we are not always our own biggest problem.

    This society is in crisis, it is at a crossroad and it is a crap shoot how it is going to turn out for anyone, nevermind just us heathens.  Right now, we have whispers of chaos about, spreading a level of fear and hate that has not been seen in some years. It is a societal threat for everyone, not just us as heathens.

    Even Christians see it, they point at it and call it out based on their own religious beliefs.

    I know most will not like the Christian overtones, you need to ignore that and see through it, as Odin would see through the fog of chaos created by the bringers of Ragnarok. How many times, have you seen the whispers spread chaos across our lands, across our society, and across our people. It is everywhere and it is nowhere.

    As heathens, we need to lead people through the fog of chaos, it does not matter if they are Christian, non-religious, or any other religion. We live in Western Society, for good or for ill. Our forebearers made this path for us, and it is our job to lead this heard of people in this time forward.

    I use these Christian sources for a reason, they have a ring of truth. It is that same right of truth as heathens we can see. We need to find common people, with common feelings, with common beliefs. I am not talking religious in nature. We are heathens, Christians are not heathens, they are not us and they are not TRU. Not being TRU is not a negative item and we need to grow beyond these feelings, these insecurities.

    As heathens, we were born to lead. We exist to stand between the Chaos. We exist to stand between fear and hate.

    Stay TRU to yourself, your kindred, and your people. Watch, Listen, Lead and Guide all good people away from the fog of chaos.


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