The Republic For Which Is Lost

    This is coming in from our sister website Wave Chronicle.

    The Republic for which it stands is very much lost at the moment.


    I pledge allegiance to the Flag of the United States of America, and to the republic for which it stands; one Nation indivisible with liberty and justice for all.

    Does it bother anyone that between two different presidents representing both political parties that the “liberty and justice for all”, is bit lost at the moment. We have engaged in three different wars that has slaughtered hundred of thousands of people. The blood bath in Syria, Afghanistan, Ukraine and the growing disaster that is Iraq, all lay at the feet of our own nation. As a nation we have done all of this and we have done it for the soul purpose of the elite to make money.

    This graphic video from The Young Turks shows the effects that the Gulf Wars has brought to the children of Iraq.

    Now you have ISIS a group that was supposed to fight Assad in Syria has turned it’s eye onto a weak and feeble Iraq government. Below is a great video from RT America.

    Here is a great video from Storm Clouds Gathering concerning the fall of Iraq, it is a must watch:

    In Ukraine we actively deposed an elected government for 1900’s foreign policy. When you actively cause chaos you get results like the following:

    To read a solid article regarding the Odessa Massacre please click here.

    In Syria alone you have over 100,000 dead bodies, a true example of a proxy war. This proxy war has a deep river of blood that the west has to own. The following Wikipedia does a great job of detailing the Syrian Civil War. Below is a great video from Storm Clouds Gathering regarding this topic:

    All of these wars and so much more to do on the home front. All of this money being spent on nations who are unworthy of our blood, sweat and tears. We have people on the home front who are out of work, cities that have fallen into despair, and a nation that has lost it’s way. Look at our article on this topic here.

    Gettysburg Eternal Flame
    Gettysburg Eternal Flame




    The United States of America is a fractured society, with the extremes ruling the day. The last time our Republic found it’s way to this state of being we had to erect the following monument:





    May the gods walk with us



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