America Failing: The Immigration of Hate

    From our sister site Wave Chronicle.

    The land of the free and home of the brave has some serious issues going on. It seems to be acceptable in this day and age to hate on the tired, poor and huddled masses. We have become a nation of bullies, focusing fear and hate on anyone that is different than “us”. The “us” item is getting worst and worst as America goes along.


    Look at this picture above, dumb ass Americans in front of a bus of illegal immigrants and the majority of these immigrants are children. What has happened to this nation. We focus hate on children now, these are people, I know they are here illegally but they are children.

    Immigrant Children border-warehousing-children-bbtx

    What ever happened to compassion, what happened to helping your fellow man. These are children and they should never have been treated in the manner that the United States is doing. It does not matter if it is the government or civilians, these immigrants are people, they may not be Americans but they are still people.

    I also do not want to hear about money either. We have the money, the food, the wealth, and the ability. We have plenty of money to bail out banks and investment firms, we have money to take care of the poor and our own people. The mentality that we can only do one or the other is a sick joke the warmonger elite play on the imbeciles of this nation.

    Every single one of you conservative Christians who are down in the border states harassing these buses, harassing these people, should be ashamed of yourselves. By and far you are the worst part of what it is to be American, your whining about your own rights, your pathetic hate on anyone who is not exactly like you, simply makes me sick of the lot of you. Personally, I cannot wait for the rapture, because every single one of you pieces of shit conservative Christians better be on the “Rapture Bus” and be on your merry way.

    As a Heathen, these children have to go back home but they are guests. They may be illegal guests, but they are guests, and should be treated in that manner. We should be caring for these people, make them feel like human beings again, treating them as guests. Eventually these children will be sent home and they should be sent home as honored guests, which should be our custom. I believe that we can be an honorable nation, that has values, values that can care for people, irregardless of their immigration status.

    May the gods walk with us,


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