What If Money Was No Object – A Heathen View Point

Greetings to the Hall,

I have this wonderful video made by Tragedy and Hope concerning the words of Alan Watts.

What I want to emphasize to the greater heathen community, is the mentality of doing things that simply do not apply to you.

Forget about the money for a moment, as the heathen movement continues to rebuild, fall apart, rebuild and fall apart on the same cyclical cycle each and every 100 years. What have we learned from the cycles?

Are you prepared to rebuild, retool and fail again doing the same thing that others have done for many hundreds of years?

Are you prepared again to try to fit 10th century information, into a 21st century world?

Are you prepared to live the life of a farmer and tend the land, just because it was something 10th century people had done?

Are you prepared to try to fit the square peg into the round hole again?

What if the past was no object, think about those words for a moment. If we can look at those set of words and try to put that into the 21st century heathen perspective. It would set you free.

The future, which is everything that our ancestors cared about, would now be open to each and every one of our people.

We would not have to look backwards to an ancient people, who could not comprehend the issues we face in this century, for our answers moving forward.

We can now take what we know about the Eddas and the history of our ancestors and look forward to the future and put forth our brand of leadership to the lost people of the 21st century. Let’s be honest my brothers and sisters, the Christians and others, are lost and they are failing. They have no strength within them, the Christians of the 21st century are a caricature of themselves and they are self-destructing.

These lost people are totally and helplessly bent on destroying everything that we know, our planet, our environment, our ancestors, and our people of today. Not that they are doing it to us literally but in destroying themselves, they will destroy us all.

Look at the cataclysm that is the Fukushima nuclear disaster. We have all watched the people of Japan, their politicians and their regulatory authority all practice false honor. Each and every one of you, my fellow heathens, know exactly what false honor is. Do you really need to look back to our 10th century heathen ancestors for that answer.

Do any of my fellow heathens want to go back in time and explain the growing wasteland that the pacific ocean is becoming because of the nuclear disaster, to a 10th century heathen and ask for advise? Do you want to sit in a circle and drink mead and ask our gods, our ancient ancestors, what to do about a nuclear disaster? I would like to think, you would not. Certain items are our responsibility and in my mind our people fail because of this problem all the time.

We forget, that we control our future, and that it is our soul responsibility to guarantee that future for our people. We must stop looking backwards for problems that will only be fixed by looking forward.

No one is tell you to forget the past or ignore the past, but we must as a heathen people, stop the cycle of failure and look forward and seize the day, before the lost people of the 21st century destroy it all.

Hail to the Gods, Hail to our Ancestors, Hail to the wee ones.




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