The Progressive Way Forward For America

    Greetings to the Hall,

    Look at what we have here, the US Government is down and out in Beverly Hills.

    Mind you the Hall is not shocked that the US Government is shut down, it is politics that we have discussed in the past under “The War in America” series written more than a decade ago.

    This current government filled with republicans and democrats have failed at supporting the American people by simply doing their job. Nevertheless we need a way forward and we are stuck with Democrats that have no ability to fight for anything.

    To Progressives This Is The Hall’s Way Forward:

    First thing is that the Democrat’s in Congress will need to grow a back bone. Progressives have wanted a fight for a while and you Democrat’s have screwed everything up, as much as you possibly could. How many outside groups like Occupy and Anonymous have to do your damn job. Stand up, and fight, you group of turds.

    The President needs to give a speech this week, that he is not going to back down on the affordable care act and the debt ceiling limit or any other social program. He will also need to include in his speech that if the economy does collapse, that their will be no bail out for any family that makes more than $150,000.00. The President will also have to state, that their will be no bail outs for banks or corporations. This time around, their will be no Too Big To Fail.

    The Tea Party Republicans believe that Democrats will cave and crumble like they always do. They are counting, each and every day for the spineless jelly fish that the Democratic party truly is, will do what it always does, sell out it’s own members.

    You see my fellow Progressives and my jelly fish Democrats, all the risk for the economic collapse is on the people backing the Tea Party Republicans. Those rich people believe that you jelly fish Democrats will cave. What you need to show these rich people, that you jelly fish Democrats, are prepared to follow this all the way down to Hell itself. Put the fear of death into these rich Tea Party Republicans. That fear to the rich Tea Party Republican backers is that they are going to lose all of their money and not get a bail out. Believe me, you will literally hear the rich Tea Party Republican backers asses pucker.

    You see my jelly fish Democrats, you have all the power in your hands. You can stop any bail outs to the rich, simply and easily. You can also pass, bail outs easily to those Americans whose income is under $150,000.00. You have the hammer, and the Progressives in America wants you to use it, so go for it my jelly fish Democrats. Show these Tea Party Republicans for the first time in your collective lives that you have a back bone and you are not going to take this shit anymore.

    Make them pay for this shut down and keep making them pay, stand up and join the Progressives who have been fighting the good fight for the past decade.

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