A Message For The Politician Class

    The Hall’s message to the Politician Class:

    As we stand today, you have brought your own Nation to the brink.

    You have shown your own Greed… Your Greed of money. Your Greed of ideology.

    You have pushed the citizens to the point where they have disgust for every single one of you in the Politician class.

    The citizens will rise, they will join together, and they will walk hand in hand.

    The citizens will build a new Politician class, that will fit our society by the way they want the society to be.

    The citizens will end the warmongering, they will end the fear, they will end the hate.

    The citizens will bring love, hope, and a new beginning to this great nation, because they believe..

    The citizens believe in everything this nation can be and in everything they can be.

    The citizens will rise and they will bring a new message for all of human kind.


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