Stand Up And Be Counted

Greetings To The Hall,

Standing back and watching chaos win the day, will brings you no Honor.

Joining the side of the corrupt because they have all the power, will bring you no Honor.

For Good, or for ill

  • Stand up to the chaos.
  • Stand up to the corrupt, even when they run and own everything.
  • Be the barbarian at the gate.
  • Be that person, that the chaos and the corrupt fear.
  • Be that person, who has the target painted right on their chest.
  • Be that person, who will not be afraid.
  • Be that person, who will not back down.
  • Be that person, who they cannot buy.
  • Be that person, who will stand and be counted.

If you will not stand up and be counted, then who will?

Stand up and be counted, because today, you will not stand alone.

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