The Five Years Of Nothing

    Greetings to the Hall,


    Welcome to the five years of nothing. Five years, in which 2/3rds of our governmental system failed the nation of the United States of America.

    Five years 2/3rds of our government stood idle and honored nothing that America stands for.

    For the politician class in the United States, does it not bother you that you have failed this nation. You have done nothing to make this nation stronger, to provide a vision as to what this nation can accomplish, to show how this nation is going to become in the next 100 years. You have offered the people of this once great nation, no future, does that not bother you..

    Look at all of your failings:

    • You dishonored this nation when you allowed government agencies to spy on our own population.
    • You dishonored this nation when you allowed other governments access to the spy data on our population.
    • You dishonored this nation when you lied to our own population about that spying information.
    • You dishonored this nation when you did not protect the whistleblowers that released the information about the spying on our population.
    • You have failed to provide a future view of what the United States of America is going to be in the upcoming years.
    • You have failed to make this nation stronger, all you have done is divide this nation, more and more each and every year.
    • You have failed the people of this nation by allowing a capital city fall, like a third world nation.
    • You have failed to support the people of this nation who lost everything, because of the failing of the banker class.
    • You have failed this great nation by your own myopic partisan views. You will destroy everything if you cannot get everything for your own warped view. You work for all the people and the politician class has forgotten that simple fact.
    • You were so pathetic and incompetent that the Russians had to bail you out on foreign policies, like a bunch of rookies. The United States of America lead this world before the five years of nothing, because of your stupidity, the Russians now lead, and that is all on you, the politician class.
    • The politician class, failed to see that the current United States foreign policy was designed to build a greater Islamist network or nation. Why the United States would do something so unintelligent is beyond me and you politicians were played like pathetic rookies.

    The politician class needs to focus on rebuilding America. We need to update and change our failed educational system. We need to take care of our people, we need to provide healthcare to our people, we need to provide well paying jobs to our people, we need to put our people into their own homes. We need to rebuild roads and infrastructure, we need to build for the next 100 years. We must look forward, not look backwards.

    The United States of America must be the forward looking nation, we must decide on what the future is going to be, what the new next and greatest technology is going to be. We need to rise to be the technological advanced nation on this planet. We must lead forward not backward.

    If the politician class will not change its view of moving backwards, then we will need a new politician class that will have a forward looking view. The war on intellectualism is over gentlemen and ladies of the politician class, it will not be tolerated anymore.

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