Occupy The 2014 Election

Greetings to the Hall,

With the current vote from the Senate Foreign Relations Committee approving military action against Syria, is a shot across the bow of the American Citizens who have deemed the military option as unacceptable. Below is the list of the villains who ignored the American Citizens.



Ed Markey who voted “Present”, was at least honest, he stated to have not had all the information and he would be correct.

This will lead to full votes by The Senate and The House of Representatives next week. These votes will be problematic for many reasons. It is simply to hard to tell if these people will ignore the American Citizens or listen. My honest opinion is that these politicians on an overall basis will provide a yes vote to allow military operations against Syria. These politicians have no fear of any actions that could be taken against them. They believe that the money and corporations behind them will keep them elected. What needs to happen is for those candidates to question that the money and power behind them, may not get them elected.

The coalition of websites, organizations, alternatives news agencies, need to work together for a common goal. What RedWolf’s Hall suggests is to organize a movement to influence and alter the 2014 and 2016 elections. What is suggested is to use the good people of the Occupy Movement to seize the 2014 and then the 2016 elections.

The way we (as a coalition) would operate is to support the worst case scenario for the powers that be and that is to elect Third Party or Independent Party Candidates who will support the end of the endless war movement and the removal of the Patriot Act and laws that have been created by The Patriot Act. Our goal is to focus on all Senators and Representatives who vote for military operations against Syria and challenge them at election time.

The coalition may not remove all of the candidates who vote for military operations against Syria but if we can put boots to the ground and if we can actually win a few seats or win across the board, it will bring an end to the behavior that currently exists in segments of this United States Government, who believe that it is above the Citizens of this country.

The Senate 2014 Elections.

The House of Representatives 2014 Elections.

To the politicians, please listen to the American Citizens and to your own military, it is time to rest the American war machine. Syria is not a nation where you have a clear indication as to who the good people are and who the bad people are. Syria is a nation that has no value or importance to the United States of America. Personally, it is a shame that at least 100,000 people have died in this civil war and it is a shame that all sides have committed atrocities. The military involvement by the United States will not help end the civil war or end the atrocities. Due to the simple fact that our involvement cannot end the civil war or end the atrocities, we need to stand down.

If the United States enters this civil war, it will create a larger proxy war, that no one wants or cares for. President Putin of Russia is unpredictable and his military has been silent for a very long time. If President Putin of Russia decides to knock the rust off of his military and use it, it is not going to be a good day for anyone.

What you have before you gentleman and ladies of the politician class is something you have all gone to college for, you are jeopardizing “The Cash Cow”. Is Syria worth the risk of jeopardizing “The Cash Cow”?

Below is a video from Storm Clouds Gathering, I am not as negative as they are, but nonetheless politician class, I would pay attention:

Strive to do more, instead of fighting for your right to do nothing.

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