The Road To Syria – The Opposition

Greetings to the Hall,

As the war drums beat and congress moves forward with the debate of a war with Syria, an opposition has stood up.

At RedWolf’s Hall, we will provide all information openly, if you are for war or not. RedWolf’s Hall has gone out of it’s way to provide The Surveillance States of America point of view, openly, with their own links and videos.

In the same way RedWolf’s Hall will provide information for the opposition. We will always support free speech, until we no longer have free speech.

Below are videos from the opposition, or you may call them Patriots, or you may call them Rebels. At this point in time, it is hard to say, who the Rebels are and who the Patriots are.

Anonymous – Syria & The Drums of War

StormCloudsGathering – The Syrian War What You’re Not Being Told.

The US Military Possible Response – Russia Today

The bounds have been broken and the Dire Wolf is free…

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