The Math To Syria Is 1 + 1 = 1

    Greetings to the Hall,

    The Surveillance States of America has continued to make it’s case for a military strike on Syria. Currently the SSA is have a slight numbers issues, at the moment, 1 + 1 = 1. For those who are not George Orwell savvy, the state determines what the math answer will be. Well for the SSA, that calculation means that the SSA must go it alone for military action against Syria. As of right now, NATO, UK, and France are a no go.

    Below is the full video from The State Department as John Kerry puts forth The SSA’s propaganda for a strike against Syria.

    Unlike the SSA, here at Redwolf’s Hall we are more than happy to provide all sides of the information.

    Here is the thing that I struggle to understand, the death toll from the main event, which is the main reason for the SSA’s strike against Syria, keeps going up. Now, I am not challenging figures from any source, simply because I believe that the death toll overall is higher than what anyone is stating, but why did John Kerry not give the updated death toll information to the British PM. Why would the British PM have incorrect information when he went before the MP’s. It makes no sense, this is why everyone is questioning the information that the Surveillance States of America is providing.

    You would think with all the surveillance that is being done by all the NATO nations, that the information being provided would be the same, since the lot of you are sharing the information to begin with. The other part that I find humorous is the leadership for the Surveillance States of America is shocked when the citizens simply do not believe them. You think that people are not paying attention, you hack emails, listen to their conversations, and you think it is ok, you think people are not pissed off? Then on top of it all, you punish the whistleblowers more than you do the criminals, what reaction do you really think you are going to get?

    Here is a video from Russia Today, it has a British MP, giving his own opinion. It is worth watching.

    We also have another great video from Russia Today, it is Putin talking directly to the Noble Peace Prize Winner Barack Obama. Hopefully we can find a way for the Noble Peace Prize Winner will watch the video and Not President Nero.

    Strive to do more, instead of fighting for your right to do nothing.

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