Iceland Finds No Reason To Join Europe

    Greetings to the Hall,

    What does it say to Europe that a small island out in the middle of the North Atlantic ocean has no need for the European Union?

    When the island nation of Iceland, simple says, we do not believe they have anything of value to offer us. How much trouble is the European Union in?

    With the issues of Greece and Cyprus fresh in the minds of the Icelanders, no seems to be the right answer. Why be part of the new Holy Roman Empire, when the Empire will not protect it’s nation states. It is the fatal flaw to the organization as a whole. The European Union simply does not have the correct mentality on how to handle the struggling nation states within the new Holy Roman Empire.

    Below is a solid video from Russia Today regarding the issue. The Icelanders have a pretty good handle on the situation.

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