The Empire Of The SSA

    Greetings to the hall,

    The Empire of the Surveillance States of America is moving forward.

    From the Emperor President Nero, The Empire of the SSA is not spying on its own lawful citizens.

    President Nero has also canceled a meeting with President Putin of Russia because of the Snowden incident.

    No nation on this planet should view The SSA as The USA. The United States of America as a functioning government no longer exists. The Surveillance States of America is now the functioning government and it does not represent the American people. The Surveillance States of America only honors those who are apart of it’s network, it is a rogue function and that is something that other nations need to understand.

    Americans are alive and well, and in the next two elections, 2014 and 2016 is when we will change the functioning government back to the United States of America. Until that time has happened, all nations must stand against the Empire of The SSA and it’s Emperor President.

    Always remember the American people will retake this country back but it happens through election and we are a solid 3 years before that can happen. The world has to hold strong and has to find a way to contain this empire and continue to support the whistleblowers who do come forward.

    Do not allow The Empire of The SSA bully you, stand strong and hold out. Change is coming.

    Strive to do more, instead of fighting for your right to do nothing.

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