Words for President Nero

Greetings to the hall and to President Nero,

I have come here today to provide some words, some thoughts and some hopes to the hall and to President  Nero.

President Nero, you are on pace to be the first black democrat and republican President all wrapped into one.

President Nero, you are on pace to be the first President to have two noble peace candidates in an American jail.

President Nero, you are on pace to finish your Presidency with a disapproval rating higher than your approval rating.

President Nero, is this the Presidency you have always wanted? Has the past five years been exactly what you wanted them to be. Do you wish to find a way to change all of this around?

President Nero, do you remember when this one man stood hand and hand with you to victory.

President¬†Nero, how about the words of this man, “Not Too Late To Seek A Newer World”

Here is another great but flawed man, “We ask you the citizens of this country, to move this country forward, come and give us your help.”

President Nero, are you prepared to help move this country forward. Strive to do more, instead of fighting for your right to do nothing.

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