Nero Fiddles as Detroit Burns

    Greetings to the Hall,

    On July 18th 2013, a capital city in The United States has gone under. The capital city of Detroit seeks to file for bankruptcy.

    Now, in most other countries this would be a crisis, that the countries leader would seek to address.

    You would think that a financial plan by The United States would be hatched to save the city? Sadly, you are wrong, below is a 17 minute video of President Nero from July 19th 2013:

    A capital city has fallen and what do you get from President Nero is Trayvon Martin. President Nero has all kinds of ideas on how as a nation, we need to accept peoples opinions on the Trayvon Martin trial. This is President Nero fiddling while Detroit burns.

    President Nero needs more press time on a nothing story so the American public can be swayed from the more important issues that this country needs to address. Below is a great video from Joe Rogan.

    Sadly, what happens to the people of Detroit and the retired Detroit police officers, fire fighters, city employees, and school teachers? What additional costs and reductions will all of the current employees listed above will have to give up?

    This is why President Nero needed to address the falling of a capital city. You have to bring hope, you have to bring answers, you have to let people know that they are not going to be abandoned by their own nation and that is exactly what President Nero has done.

    President Nero has his eye on the prize and that means that people in America can rot, as long as the military complex can win the day on the perpetual war machine.

    I hope that the greater angels among us will help this fine capital city of Detroit and hopefully even the federal government will find a way to help a people who need that help.

    Below is a great positive video from Russia Today America, so sad that RTA has to put out the positivity, not our own media or government.

    Strive to do more, instead of fighting for your right to do nothing.


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