Currency Wars – UK void of Gold Reserves

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Sometimes wars are not fought by soldiers, weapons, and war machines. From time to time throughout history the wars are financial wars. The battle of currency, the battle of economy, and who can last the longest.

Eventually it is real commodities that will win the day, when you are engaged in a full blown financial war. Doing some basic research, you find one nation that right now is the weakest link in the NATO chain of nations.

The weakest link in the NATO chain is England. Currently the nation is printing money with reckless abandon, but you have one slight problem. The nation as a whole has no real value to it, unless you can place a market value on “The Royals”.

I am not that person, who thinks you should become Silas Marner and horde precious metals. What I do believe is, as a nation, you must have industry, you must have some valueable commodities, and you must have growth. If you look at England today it has little of all three items.

If you do look at gold reserves, you will find England in 18th place in the world, the nation in 19th place is Lebanon. If you live in England, think about that simple fact that Lebanon has 25 less tons of gold. In comparison Portugal has 72 tons more of gold than England and is in 15th place overall.

To be perfectly blunt, exactly when will England go the route of Cyprus and continue to use Austerity to bail out the rich from the mistakes of the past.

Below is a great video from Kitco News, regarding The Currency Wars by James Rickards.

Strive to do more, instead of fighting for your right to do nothing.

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