Egypt Fighting For The Future

    Greetings to the Hall,

    The people of Egypt made the correct decision and are fighting for the future of their nation. The Muslim Brotherhood is an islamist organization that will drag the Egyptian people back to the stone age.


    This is all about the future for the Egyptian people and the geopolitics need to come to an end. Egypt throughout history had been a society of technologically advanced people. Now these same people are going backwards as the rest of the Western World are moving forward.

    A Symbol of Egypt's past and future
    A Symbol of Egypt’s past and future

    Look at this image above, it is a valid symbol of Egypt’s past and future. The pyramids are the height and greatness of the Egyptian people and how those same pyramids look today is exactly what has happened to the Egyptian people of today. The Egyptian people are in a state of decay, just like the pyramids.

    It is time for the Egyptian people to step forward and claim their birth right, to claim exactly what they truly are, they are the descendants of some of the greatest futuristic people of history. I believe that the Egyptian people of today can claim that part of their history back. They can lead their present people into the future by being the next great futurist society.

    The Egyptian Military must honor the people of today and the people of the past. The Military must keep the Egyptian people moving forward into history, instead of moving back into time to be something that they never where. The Muslim Brotherhood has nothing to do with the Egyptian people, they bring no honor to the people that Egypt had been and they offer no future to the people of today. The Muslim Brotherhood is fighting to drag you down into the people that Egyptians have never been.

    As an American, what I am telling you to do is against everything my Government does not want the people of Egypt and the Egyptian Military to do. You need to fight for your future, fight for the welfare of your true and real people. Fight to be of the technological elite that your people have been. Your people where futurists, honor those people, fight for those people and be those people again.

    You have a future, and you have the futurists within you. Strive to be more, Strive to be futurists, and Strive to be above the geopolitics. You are a great people and you have it within you to be those great people again.

    Do not allow, not for a minute or a second, that you are less than anyone else, that you must do what the current Western Elite want you to do. Fight and do not stop fighting, you can be more and in spite of what you may have been told, the world wants you to be great again.

    Strive to do more instead of fighting for your right to do nothing.

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