The SSA: The Surveillance States of America “You Are The Enemy”

The one thing that Edward Snowden did, was take away the illusion of what is reality.

It is a hard reality to swallow, this is a nation that is supposed to be the last best hope for Freedom and it is becoming a police state, without a single vote and without a real threat to the nation other than the threat to the power structure of this nation.

The USA is dead, Welcome to the new reality and Welcome to The SSA.

This is the new reality living in The SSA:

You no longer have the right to be private.

 You no longer have the right to have private communications.

 Any arm of the Federal Law Enforcement can listen to and or view your own communications

 Any arm of the Federal Law Enforcement can view your financial records.

 You now live in The Surveillance States of America, without even voting for it.

 The American Citizen has become an enemy of the state and you need to be watched.

 You can also count on every Nation State within Nato to be watching you as well.

As American you now know the deal. The Press will only report of items approved by The SSA. Your President, Your Congress, Your Supreme Court has deemed you to be the enemy. You are the problem, you need to be watched, and you are a threat to them all.

Below is a video from Russia Today on the growing Police State:

Strive to do more, instead of fighting for your right to do nothing.

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