Tales of The Snowden, as Nero Fiddles While The NSA Burns

Greetings to the Hall,

While Nero continues to fiddle away, the NSA is on fire right now.  Edward Snowden held an online meeting, all thanks to The Guardian.

You have to think right now folks at the NSA must have had many litters of kittens today, but when you do illegal things and get caught doing those illegal things, this can happen to you. Personally, I hope more NSA employees take a stand and make a decision not to participate in this kind of program. Let’s be honest, you all know it is illegal, allowing your superiors talk you into believing that it is legal is wrong and you know better. Just because Nero says it is law, or even the Tribunal agrees with Nero, you are more than intelligent enough to know it is WRONG. Strive to do more instead of fighting for your right to do nothing.

Click here to read the question and answer session that Edward Snowden held today.

This video below from Russia Today, lists even more illegal activity that more corporations took part of. I found it interesting how financial institutions had been part of the program. I also found it interesting on how many of the companies received a proper “Thank You” from the US Government.

This video listed below is from Russia Today America. List’s even more tidbits from the Edward Snowden Saga.

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