While Nero Fiddles, Liberals and Moderates Move On

Greetings to the hall,

I have heard a lot of talk about if you are not going to back Nero (Barack Obama), then who are you going to stand with. That is simply an easy answer, Liberals and Moderates will continue to fight on our own, which is what we have been doing since we elected Nero to the American Throne.

Nero, has betrayed every single Liberal and Moderate who voted him, mind you most of us did this twice. Nero, was elected to remove all of Ceasar’s (Baby Bush) polices. Sadly, when Nero found power, he chose to have even more power and enhanced the corrupt and illegal policies of Ceasar.

While Nero is out and about trying to find new ways to enhance his own powers, Anonymous out of the blue started the online push for the youth of Iran to vote. So while Nero fiddled, the people of Iran voted in a new moderate leader.

To top all things off as Nero controls most of the main media outlets in America, basicly to mask and hide all of Nero’s illegal activity. Luckily the American people have alternative news agencies and organizations standing up to lead the way.

Who would have thought that in 2013, Russia would provide better news coverage than any other American main media outlets.

Liberals and Moderates need to stand in opposition to the illegal policies of Nero.

Here are some nice links to alternative news options available to Americans.

Russia Today

RT America

Al Jazeera English

Anonymous Facebook Page

Storm Clouds Gathering


Democracy Now

ZeroState Facebook Page

ZeroState Americas Facebook Page


(Under Construction) Transhumanity.net

Strive to do more instead of fighting for your right to do nothing.

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