The Winds of Change in Iran

Greetings to the hall,

While the American President sleeps, the people of Iran held a free and unbiased vote and elected a moderate President. Moderate cleric Hassan Rouhani received roughly 52% of the vote.

This is a positive sign that the people of Iran want to be part of Western Society. Thankfully this lost American President did not find a way to screw this up. Now, what needs to happen is for the West to embrace this new leader and help the people of Iran find their way back to Western Society, while they remain a part of Muslim society.

Thankfully other groups had this election in Iran on their radar. Anonymous was way ahead of the game regarding this issue. Thankfully Anonymous did a better job in focusing youth in Iran to vote than any Western Government.

Below is a video from AlJazeera:


Below is a video from Russia Today:

Strive to do more instead of fighting for your right to do nothing.

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