Will you put this Nation First?

Greetings to the Hall,

Liberals are now living in a whole new world today. Because of President Obama and Senator Feinstein’s stupidity in allowing the programs that President Baby Bush put in place,

The Tin Hats now rule the land.

Now, liberals for the rest of our lives, will be stuck listening to all these Tin Hat people because of this stupidity. On top of it all, now these Tin Hat people are going to be selling all kinds of anti-government crap.

Did either of you President Obama or you Senator Feinstein think this through, did you think on how this would impact the government, the federal employees, military personnel, the citizens of this nation. As negative as everything is, at how bad this nation is divided, you two dummies went out of your way to make this situation worse.

Let me make it clear to you two dummies, so President Obama and Senator Feinstein, I would make Baby Bush’s magical program of pulling phone number and emails and any other stupid shit go away. The American people voted twice to change from President Baby Bush’s programs and policies, do your job that the American people gave you and end the programs now and you also provide a pardon to Snowden. Providing a pardon to Snowden, President Obama, is not a gift to the whistleblower, it is a way for you to redeem yourself.

At this point in history, this nation needs a Patriot and lets be honest, Neither you President Obama or Senator Feinstein have the courage or the honor to do what Snowden did. What Snowden did was not illegal, what he did was put Nation First.

Is it not a shame that a leading Senator and the current President of The United States could not have put this Nation First.

Strive to do more, instead of fighting for your right to do nothing.

Believe in this nation, Believe in it’s people, and Freedom will reign.


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