A True Patriot – Edward Snowden

Greetings to the Hall,

A true American Patriot has stood up to the platform and this man is Edward Snowden.

Per this link in The Guardian.

Edward Snowden stood up to the NSA and released the documents to show the full extent that the US government has over the American population.

The behavior of two branches of the US government has been without HONOR. These two branches of government kept an illegal program alive for no good reason. It is my hope that the third branch (The Supreme Court) of the US Government will take action this week to end the Patriot Act and the lawless actions of Congress and the President.

The Supreme Court is the last peaceful hope that the American people have at ending this illegal and criminal activity. If the Supreme Court decides to step back and do nothing then you doom the people of this nation to a path that will not bring enlightenment and peaceful change.


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