The SSA: Surveillance States of America

Greetings to the Hall,

The more news coming in, the worst it is getting.

The NSA has over reached in it’s scope and ability to even manage this much data never mind being able to use it. Then to top it off, you have the President Barack Obama and congresswoman Dianne Feinstein who heads the Senate Select Committee on Intelligence, both Democrat’s, who believe they are saving Americans from the terrorists by breaking every known law that this land is supposed to uphold. I have never been more ashamed of both individuals.

The worst part is that I voted for Obama not once but twice and I was lied too. I was a fool to believe that this man would shut down all these foolish spy programs that limit the freedom of Americans. I am disgusted with the Democratic Party who have let this nation down.

In my life, I was convinced that the worst President this nation ever had was Baby Bush, I am wrong. Barack Obama has gone out of his way to prove that power was more important than the ideals that this nation was based on. The worst part of this, Baby Bush simply lacked the intelligence to understand, Barack Obama has the intelligence and still found a way to make the wrong decision.

Below is a video from Democracy Now, giving the solid blow by blow from the person who first reported it.


The video below is commentary from Russia Today America:


The patriots who are leaking this information is not the problem, it is the politicians who are the enemies to the people of the United States of America or should we just change the name of this nation to The Surveillance States of America.

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