The Case for Censure – Has Obama Lost His Way

Greetings to the hall,

Sadly, it is time to discuss a topic that I never believed would have to be covered. Barack Obama, The President I voted for has betrayed the trust of the voters who put him in office. This is a two term President that has lost his way.

As a liberal, I was proud to put this man into office believing that the Bush policies that were as un-American as un-American can be would come to an end. I was wrong and I was epically wrong.

This President believes that the rights of Americans and The Press can be broken to fit the needs of the government. This belief is wrong and this President needs to get it through his thick skull that is it wrong.

It is time for both The Senate and The House to vote for Censure. Barack Obama has betrayed the trust of the American people, the people who supported him, and the party that fought for him. Censure is the correct response to the situation, in the hope that Censure will inspire Barack Obama to get back to his roots of fighting for the rights of all Americans.

The Video below is the straw that breaks the citizens back:

This Video below is the start of what should never have happened. Attacking the AP like a terrorist organization is an affront to anyone who is a liberal and believes in freedom of speech:

This Video below has Eric Holder lying before congress:

As a united nation, please vote for censure. Strive to do more instead of fighting for your right to do nothing.


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