RedWolf’s Hall New Focus

October 17, 2013 RedWolf 0

Greetings to the Hall, Our focus is going to be changing. The political discussion is going to be listed on The Chronicle. The focus going forward is going to be on Heathen issues and religious […]


The Jelly Fish Are At It Again

October 14, 2013 RedWolf 0

Greetings to the Hall, We are┬áthree week into a government shutdown and the best that my Democratic jelly fish can do, is put forth a bill that will delay another government shutdown and debt ceiling […]


Last Hours – The 6th Extinction

October 14, 2013 RedWolf 0

Heading into the 6th extinction.   Last Hours.org has put forth a very short, but fact driven video, explaining how we are moving forward to the 6th extinction. What we all have to face, did […]