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    The Day That Could Have Been

    Greetings to the Hall, Today was a missed opportunity by the administration of President Nero. Instead of warmongering which is what President Nero likes to do these days, his administration missed a grand opportunity to bring peace. Today was the inauguration of the new moderate President of Iran, Hassan Rouhani. Just think of what could have happened today, the west including the United States of America could have been in attendance of the rise of the new moderate leader of Iran. Which would have sent a message to the people of Iran who wants peace, who wants to be part of […]

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    Words for President Nero

    Greetings to the hall and to President Nero, I have come here today to provide some words, some thoughts and some hopes to the hall and to President  Nero. President Nero, you are on pace to be the first black democrat and republican President all wrapped into one. President Nero, you are on pace to be the first President to have two noble peace candidates in an American jail. President Nero, you are on pace to finish your Presidency with a disapproval rating higher than your approval rating. President Nero, is this the Presidency you have always wanted? Has the […]

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    Currency Wars – UK void of Gold Reserves

    Greetings to the Hall,   Sometimes wars are not fought by soldiers, weapons, and war machines. From time to time throughout history the wars are financial wars. The battle of currency, the battle of economy, and who can last the longest. Eventually it is real commodities that will win the day, when you are engaged in a full blown financial war. Doing some basic research, you find one nation that right now is the weakest link in the NATO chain of nations. The weakest link in the NATO chain is England. Currently the nation is printing money with reckless abandon, […]

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    Is This The America We Voted For?

    Greetings to the Hall, I provide you with two videos below, from RT America. Sadly, they are pretty much on target. Below is a video that pretty much, we all have come to accept. The US backed Al-Qaeda rebels used Sarin gas on civilians in Syria. It gets even better, The USA is planning on deploying and even leaving the option of arming drones on the war of zero immigration. The USA seems to be looking to have negative immigration numbers, not by people leaving but instead from people dying. What I have to ask people, is this the US […]

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    Egypt Fighting For The Future

    Greetings to the Hall, The people of Egypt made the correct decision and are fighting for the future of their nation. The Muslim Brotherhood is an islamist organization that will drag the Egyptian people back to the stone age.   This is all about the future for the Egyptian people and the geopolitics need to come to an end. Egypt throughout history had been a society of technologically advanced people. Now these same people are going backwards as the rest of the Western World are moving forward. Look at this image above, it is a valid symbol of Egypt’s past […]

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