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    A Message For The Politician Class

    The Hall’s message to the Politician Class: As we stand today, you have brought your own Nation to the brink. You have shown your own Greed… Your Greed of money. Your Greed of ideology. You have pushed the citizens to the point where they have disgust for every single one of you in the Politician class. The citizens will rise, they will join together, and they will walk hand in hand. The citizens will build a new Politician class, that will fit our society by the way they want the society to be. The citizens will end the warmongering, they […]

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    Rise Up, While You Still Can.

    Greetings to the Hall, We have a must watch video from Tragedy and Hope: To the citizens of the West, the hall states the following: You elect a President to end wars, only to find out that he fans the flames of hate throughout the middle east. This same President, finds any way to be more of a warmonger than the President before him, when have you had enough? How many years will you allow a congress that we all sadly elected, find ways to do less and less each and every year? How many times are you going to be […]

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    Stand Up And Be Counted

    Greetings To The Hall, Standing back and watching chaos win the day, will brings you no Honor. Joining the side of the corrupt because they have all the power, will bring you no Honor. For Good, or for ill Stand up to the chaos. Stand up to the corrupt, even when they run and own everything. Be the barbarian at the gate. Be that person, that the chaos and the corrupt fear. Be that person, who has the target painted right on their chest. Be that person, who will not be afraid. Be that person, who will not back down. Be […]

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    The Five Years Of Nothing

    Greetings to the Hall,   Welcome to the five years of nothing. Five years, in which 2/3rds of our governmental system failed the nation of the United States of America. Five years 2/3rds of our government stood idle and honored nothing that America stands for. For the politician class in the United States, does it not bother you that you have failed this nation. You have done nothing to make this nation stronger, to provide a vision as to what this nation can accomplish, to show how this nation is going to become in the next 100 years. You have offered the […]

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    Why Has America Failed In The Role Of Leading Freedom Across The World?

    Greetings to the Hall,   Why has America failed in the role of leading freedom across the world? Why has America lost the ability to lead nations? Why has America stopped being the beacon of hope and freedom?   The leadership in America has no clue as to why it has failed in the three questions above. The leadership in America is truly shocked that the population of the world simply does not believe them and this is the first time in recent history that American leadership has been questioned and mocked. The main reason why American leadership has failed, is solely due to […]

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