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    Keiser Report: Bitcoin, Northern EU, Peak Gold

    Greetings to the Hall, This is an interesting show from Russia Today. This particular episode had some nice info. To me Bitcoin is still a technology that will be sacrificed for something else. I see it as Beta Max to VHS, it may be first but it may not be the technology that lasts. Other concepts that I like is the thought of “Peak Gold” and the Northern Germanic nations breaking from the EU.

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    World War III – Cold War Korea Issues

    Greetings to the Hall, This is a video I was looking over Conspiracy HQ. This is a great little video, with some solid information. I am not telling you that I believe this entire video completely but it does have solid information. I am not someone who is big at promoting conspiracy theory items but I will list items that seem to have solid and factual information.

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    The Kissinger Files

    Greetings to the Hall, Wikileaks released searchable documents from the Kissinger years. Here is a nice video by Russia Today, the shocker or I simply was not paying attention, is that the USA installed Augusto Pinochet to lead Chile. Not to mention the number of death squads used throughout the world. Looks like the good ole days, may not have been the good ole days.  

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    The North Korean Cold War Drama

    Hello Peeps, A damn good video from Russia Today. Could this all simply be the military complex wanting to keep bases open? Also if you are freaking out over the Russia Today thing. I am a progressive and very far from a communist but if the American main stream media could give insight like this, then I would use their videos.  

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