The Republic For Which Is Lost

August 14, 2014 RedWolf 0

This is coming in from our sister website Wave Chronicle. The Republic for which it stands is very much lost at the moment.   I pledge allegiance to the Flag of the United States of […]


The Jelly Fish Are At It Again

October 14, 2013 RedWolf 0

Greetings to the Hall, We are┬áthree week into a government shutdown and the best that my Democratic jelly fish can do, is put forth a bill that will delay another government shutdown and debt ceiling […]


A Message For The Politician Class

October 2, 2013 RedWolf 0

The Hall’s message to the Politician Class: As we stand today, you have brought your own Nation to the brink. You have shown your own Greed… Your Greed of money. Your Greed of ideology. You […]