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    Updates and Synergy

    Greetings to the Hall,   We will have many updates to our Hall and synergy between our other websites in the coming future. The updates will bring more content and look to our Hall. The content is going to be much more than just the discussion of Heathenry, Gods, and religion. We are a part of the growing and involving world and we as heathens need to be part of that growing and becoming world. We are a living religion, we have a well know past but not a know about future. That is our challenge in this hall, to […]

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    RedWolfs Hall Moving Forward 2014 Edition

    RedWolf’s Hall has been extremely slow during the 2014 year. Sadly, our other sister websites, MPDSports and Wave Chronicle have been receiving all of the attention. That is going to change moving forward. RedWolf’s Hall will have new content posted each week. You will see topics covering Heathenism, Politics, and Science. May the gods walk with us,   RedWolf

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    Stand Up And Be Counted

    Greetings To The Hall, Standing back and watching chaos win the day, will brings you no Honor. Joining the side of the corrupt because they have all the power, will bring you no Honor. For Good, or for ill Stand up to the chaos. Stand up to the corrupt, even when they run and own everything. Be the barbarian at the gate. Be that person, that the chaos and the corrupt fear. Be that person, who has the target painted right on their chest. Be that person, who will not be afraid. Be that person, who will not back down. Be […]

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